Planned Events --  2021

Wednesday, November 3 - Ornamental Grasses in the Northern Garden
        Guest speaker:  Tim Dyer
Wednesday, December 1 - Houseplants
        Guest speaker:  Lesley Peace
Wednesday, January 5 - Dahlias: 
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>>>Wednesday, May 1- Gardening for the Bees
        Guest speaker: Julianne Labreche, Master Gardener
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Given that the current COVID-19 situation makes it impossible for the GGG to conduct monthly meetings in person for the foreseeable future, we will be presenting our upcoming speakers via on-line ZOOM meetings. GGG members will be reminded of the upcoming meetings by an email which will provide the necessary ZOOM meeting code and password. Revisions to our plans may be made as the situation evolves.
The next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 3rd via ZOOM. 

Ornamental Grasses in the Northern Garden

Our speaker will be Tim Dyer who will discuss a selection of ornamental grasses which are appropriate for our climate zone, ways of using grasses in our garden designs, as well as options for different sun/shade situations, growth characteristics and alternatives.

Thank you for staying home. Be safe. If you have questions, please contact Helen at 613-821-3685.
Other Recent News and Related Information
Calling for Volunteers to Serve on a New Executive Committee

The GGG Executive Committee is extremely sad to announce that a decision is being considered to terminate the Greely Gardeners Group as soon as December 2021. This decision is necessary because of the inability to recruit GGG members to serve on a new Executive Committee.

In any organization, a reasonable term for a member of a board or committee would be one to three years. The members of the current GGG Executive Committee have served for more than three years and many have served for five years or more.

At our September and October monthly meetings, conducted by ZOOM, the GGG Executive Committee asked for members to step up and offer to serve on a new Executive Committee. No one came forward to serve despite the fact that the outgoing members of the Execitive Committee are willing to provide mentorship while the new team members "learn the ropes".

If no one comes forward to serve between now and mid-December, the Executive Committee will schedule a General Meeting to formally approve the dissolution of the Greely Gardeners Group.

If you are interested in keeping the GGG active, please contact Helen Porteus at 613-821-3685.

Thank you.

All of the Greely Gardeners Group monthly meetings are open to both members (membership cost is $15.00 a year) and non-members. i'treats' are served to all after the meetings. The Annual Spring Plant Sale is open to the general public, while other special events are restricted to members and their guests. The monthly meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Greely Community Centre, located at 1448 Meadow Drive in Greely.